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About Us is a concern of IT Service which is located at the heart of Chennai, Ritchie Street. The advantage of being in Ritchie street is its vast collection of spares available across all stores and with us. Hence demand supply-gap is met easily. With about 25000-foot falls happening in store and dozens of cases being repaired at our store, we feel incumbent upon ourselves to reach to a wider market to showcase our skills and deliver the best of class service to our consumers.

We believe in ensuring that all laptop services can be done easily with right tools, people and skills. Hence with flat 2500/- approach we will be able to create a sense of satisfaction that all customers can be assured that their services will be done with this flat estimate. This is purely to fix motherboard, if there be a problem with display, hard disk or ram, the cost incurred will be extra and thus we get signatures from customer to ensure that their products are the one’s that are in service.

Since this is a new startup initiative and most people would not feel comfortable with the approach of sending the laptops we have made a video showcasing the steps one needs to take to send their laptop for service, hence following these steps will ensure safe delivery of laptops to our service centre and will also ensure security of your components.

Following Steps needs to be done:

  • 1. Order a kit with us for Rs. 250/-
  • 2. This Kit will include a laptop box with bubble wrap, marker and a screw driver
  • 3. You may choose not to purchase the kit and send us the laptop with your own packaging too, as long as you are comfortable the laptop is safe. The method we are suggesting are the best practice to send your laptop.
  • 4. Use the screw driver if it’s a laptop that can be easily opened, sign on your Display, hard disk, ram, battery and motherboard.
  • 5. Pack it with the bubble wrap between display and keyboard, once wrapped, print out a shipping label with the following address: IT Service - Used Laptop Spares 73/179 Singannachetty Street, chindadripet, (ritchiest) near bombay tea stall, chennai - 600 002. 044-42101366/044-42156665
  • 6. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours of receiving the laptop with the status.


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